Kofoed & Arms Builds has a no refund policy. For custom builds and all other builds Kofoed & Arms Builds provides a reasonable expectation of the product you are receiving and will not grant any refunds. The repair warranty warrants to the original consumer purchaser, this custom FIREARM(S), purchased in the US. If used in accordance with instructions, will be free of defects in material and workmanship for as long as he or she owns the product. Limited Lifetime warranty is valid for production related failures for up to two years from when the gun arrives at the customer’s choice of FFL/Gunshop and does not  cover DAMAGE TO THE FIREARM CAUSED BY FAILURE TO PROVIDE PROPER CARE, STORAGE, AND MAINTENANCE. ACCIDENTS, MISUSE, NEGLIGENCE, ABUSE, OR UNREASONABLE USE.USE OF THE FIREARM WITH HAND LOADED, RELOADED, DEFECTIVE OR IMPROPER AMMUNITION. DAMAGE CAUSED BY BARREL OBSTRUCTION.UNAUTHORIZED ADJUSTMENT, DISASSEMBLY, REPAIRS, OR MODIFICATIONS. NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR, INCLUDING BARREL, BORE WEAR OR CORROSION. FINISH OR SURFACE COATINGS. PHYSICAL INJURY OR PROPERTY DAMAGES RESULTING IN WHOLE OR IN PART FROM CRIMINAL USE OR NEGLIGENT, IMPROPER USE OR CARELESS HANDLING. LOSS OR DAMAGE OCCURRING DURING RETURN SHIPMENT. within a 2 year period from when you receive your gun. Furthermore, Kofoed & Arms Builds’ LIMITED WARRANTY does not cover accidental damage, misuse, improper care, modifications or alteration, or acts of nature, such as floods and tornadoes. Kofoed & Arms Builds will not assume any responsibility for any loss or damage incurred during shipping. Gunsmithing on Kofoed & Arms Builds products by any unauthorized third parties voids any warranties. If Kofoed & Arms Builds determines the repair is not covered under the warranty guidelines, there could be a charge to the consumer for the repair. Kofoed & Arms Builds determination regarding warranty coverage is final.

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